The Raef Technique

[Fear] paralyses the faculty of reason, destroys the faculty of imagination, kills off self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, discourages initiative, leads to uncertainty of purpose, encourages procrastination, wipes out enthusiasm and makes self-control an impossibility. It takes the charm from one’s personality, destroys the possibility of accurate thinking, diverts concentration of effort; it masters persistence, turns willpower into nothingness, destroys ambition, beclouds the memory and invites failure in every conceivable form, it kills love and assassinates the finer emotions of the heart, discourages friendship and invites disaster in a hundred forms, leads to sleeplessness, misery and unhappiness.- Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich

The Raef Technique reverses fear and eliminates limitation through love and judgment-free appreciation

Fear is the psychological foundation of ailments and disease. When you feel fear (ie: judgment of self and others, worry, stress, doubt, anger, hate, anxiety, sickness, fatigue, grief, inadequacy, worthlessness, discomfort guilt, dishonesty, and self-abuse (calling yourself names like disgusting, fat, chubby, ugly, stupid, etc.)) you cannot feel love (ie: success, joy, excitement, focus, gratitude, honesty, serenity, interest, hope, pride, optimal health, amusement, inspiration, and awe, etc.). To experience love and success in any area of life you must abolish fear to create room for more positive and productive emotions.

I created the Raef Technique over the course of 6 years, working one on one with people from all over the world. My technique reverses all negative, fearful emotions and makes peace with all we cannot change by releasing attachments. EFFICIENTLY! It doesn’t require multiple sessions or for you to relive hurtful experiences. It is a guided focus technique that is delivered over the phone while looking in a mirror, over the course of an hour. During this process, you will be releasing your emotional backpack of everything that’s been holding you back.

Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you- Psalms 55:22 NIV

Eliminating negative emotions with the Raef Technique optimizes interhemispheric communication. Optimized neurologic communication introduces you to an experience of divine peace and a loving, judgment-free understanding of all things. Replacing judgment, stress, worry, doubt, fear and guilt with a feeling of pure love results in recovery and powerful positive and loving emotions of success, health, and prosperity. You will be focused and ready to lead your life with honesty and unwavering optimism (the precursor to favorable circumstances and productivity).

I deliver the LIFE-CHANGING session personally one-on-one or one-on-two when working with couples. The effects are astonishing. After a one on one ,session however, they pale in comparison to those experienced by couples. When couples go through the technique together, they release their own negative emotions while looking into their partner’s eyes. When all judgment of yourself and your partner is gone, you will be able to grow together and lead a more passionate, communicative, and intimate life. It is highly recommended for individuals or couples who wish to lead increasingly fulfilled lives.

You have allowed your life to be ruled by fear for too long. Now, you may master your life quickly and efficiently. A personal session with me can be scheduled by selecting from the links below.

It’s simple, email me If you have any questions regarding the Raef Technique. When you are ready, I’ll guide you past your limitations and schedule your session by clicking below.

Jerry Christensen


Bridgette (Salt Lake City, UT)
The frustration of not being at peace with yourself for over 5 years is a tremendous burden, Being able to lift the clouds was very freeing. Now I am to the point where I can move on and I have all the tools to do so.
Dean (Greeley, CO)
Before: brokenness- Now: Engaged with ALL Consistently. The Raef Technique is one investment that has really changed my life. At first I was a bit apprehensive, but looking back I feel the fee was nominal compared to the value I received. Thank you Jerry 🙂
Jackie (Toronto, Canada)
I am very excited about the next few months and I love Jerry for who he is and what he does to help people fully live the life they deserve. I am so proud to be part of his legacy.
Julie (Chicago, IL)
The focus technique step was extremely effective in releasing burdens of worry along with my allergies. I had no idea allergies were triggered by unnecessary worry & stress. For over a year I haven\'t needed medication nor do I suffer from chronic allergies or anxiety. I highly recommend this experience for anyone.
Kathy (Bloomington, IL)
Thank you is all I can say. I sincerely appreciate the quality of time you spent with me last evening. I\'m following the raef and will stay the course. I also remain amazed at the deep inner faith, the sheer determination and the correct effort it took to get you from where you were at age 15 to where you are today
Lesli (Columbia, Missouri)
I have never heard anyone that could teach it instantly as Jerry does. It\'s truly amazing. Like the beauty of a sunset presents divinity so does the mind when it is free of ego. Thank you, Jerry.
Marcus (Kansas City, MO)
After the raef I began to feel the results almost instantaneously. I experienced deep feelings of peace and appreciation for the perfection of all things. This service, I believe has the potential to be revolutionary for people individually and also for the evolution of our human experience as well.
Michelle (Chicago, IL)
Thank you for coming into my life. I experienced the raef technique 6 weeks ago because of weight issues. I can tell you in that time I\'ve lost over 30 pounds, I\'m more motivated than ever, I\'m in total control & love this way of life
Morli (San Diego, CA)
I felt so relieved of burdens and perfect for the first time in a long time when we were finished. Perfect like a playing child, like a collection of atoms vibrating in harmony. I felt like giggling while recalling all the things I allowed to keep me from this feeling and reveled in the feeling itself.
Michelle (Rock Springs, WY)
Jerry....your method...has done big things in my life and I only applied a small portion of it...I must sit down and do the rest.
Paul (Palo Alto, CA)
I was blown away by the power of the technology Jerry has developed! His program helped me take the next steps in my journey. Most importantly to me is that Jerry is an shining example of the healing power of love. Let the Raef be your guide– you will be glad you did!
Monica (Omaha, NE)
After the Raef the solutions to things I used to struggle with often came instantly. It was no longer necessary to \"try\" and remember what to do, I just seemed to know. It\'s honestly like lights being turned on in every area of my life all at once. This was one week ago today.
Steve (Bronx, NY)
After trying just about everything else I\'m so happy to have found the Raef Technique I wish I would have known about this long ago. Finally something that actually works!
Chantel (Austin, TX)
The Raef Technique is an amazing way to remind us of the perfect nature of our beings. After completing it with my partner our connection & understanding of another was rejuvenated. I recommend it for anyone who is feeling off beat, physically or mentally defeated, is looking to rekindle a relationship, or just wants to harness their amazing power.
Shannon (Weston, FL)
Jerry Christensen was the beginning of my inspiration and changing the way I think about health and eating. I was set on a good path. He and Julie don\'t know how big of a door they have given me that I have opened. I feel better than I ever have mentality, spiritually and physically. I want to share with everyone so they can feel this way too. Thank you Jerry

Please feel free to email with any questions.

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